Studios & Location

Welcome to the ART-icul-EYES studio of Liz McKnight, Registered Art Therapist


My family moved to beautiful Gabriola in July 2007. Since then we have created two studios, including a cob studio dedicated to the use of clay.

Please come by to visit the studio, say “hi" (without commitment), meet me and view the studios in the main house and cob building.

In the studios, you will find a choice of many simple art materials: paint, pastels, pencil crayons, clay, plasticine, chalk, magazine pictures, scissors and glue as well as a sand tray and many other creative materials. You may sit at a large table, work on the floor or use an easel, sitting or standing - any possible way to find your own comfortable space. 


ARTiculEYES Studios, 911 Dirksen Rd, Gabriola BC V0R 1X2

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